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Full text of "Letter from George Williamson Smith to Pres. Ezra Brainerd"

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The Association of Colleges in New England. 

The Forty-fifth Annual Meeting of the Association of Colleges 
in New England is to be held at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 
on Thursday and Friday, November 7th and 8th, beginning at 3:30 
P. M. Thursday, in Lecture Room No. 31, Seabury Hall. 

The following subjects have been proposed for discussion: 

1. The future of Spontaneous as distinguished from State- 
enforced and State-supported education in this country. (Suggested 
by Boston University.) 

2. What are we to regard as the chief reason for the exist¬ 
ence of the College (as distinct from the Professional School) in 
the years immediately to come? (Suggested by Yale University.) 

Colleges which have not yet sent the names of their Delegates 
are requested to do so at an early day, and also subjects for dis¬ 

Geo. Williamson Smith. 

Trinity College, October 23, 1901.